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Jason Williams

Small Business Entrepreneur

What helps people, helps business.

Jason E. Williams is a serial entrepreneur who credits his strategic vision and deep understanding of the business arena to his long-time success.

Are you ready to take your great idea to the next level?

Meet Jason

Jason Williams is an analytical entrepreneur who has been able to teach himself the inner working of multiple industries throughout his career. Jason, along with his wife and partner LaKisha, has been able to start businesses spanning geographical and industrial borders. Being able to jump into a business with both feet is a skill that requires extreme adaptability, one that both Jason and LaKisha Williams have shown they possess. Currently Jason and LaKisha are sharing the practices they used to teach themselves each of the industries they broke into. By coaching new entrepreneurs how they succeeded in each venture, they hope to promote a culture of new business through independent ownership, just like their own.

Jason and LaKisha met while studying psychology at Kent State University. Soon after graduating, the couple started two ventures almost simultaneously. The first being a nonprofit organization catered to helping city kids tour around and be exposed to their alma mater. At the time, it was not common practice for universities to have in-house tours for prospective students. Jason and LaKisha were at the forefront of this movement and set their organization up to schedule tours for over 100 students at a time. Also a part of their Learn to Lead and Achieve, Jason and LaKisha instituted after school programs with tutoring for standardized tests. As many of us know, the testing we take in high school plays a big role in the college we attend.

While their non-profit was growing the couple saw an opportunity to open a hair salon despite their lack of experience in the discipline. Through buying and leasing the space, they served as silent owners of the business for 4 years before selling their property and moving to Akron, Ohio.

Jason played a key role during these two ventures researching the industries and best practices to optimize their bottom lines. As few know, not-for-profits come with a mountain of paperwork in order to qualify for NP status. Jason was in charge of these analytical and infrastructural imperatives in order to launch and maintain these businesses.

After moving to Ohio Jason entered the real estate marketplace dealing with residential and commercial properties. Along with LaKisha’s father, he honed his salesmanship skills through 6 years within the industry.

Soon Jason and LaKisha would be looking at their next industry to capture a piece of, healthcare. They would go on to start a company servicing in-home needs for disabled individuals through employees directly trained from Jason and LaKisha. Again, Jason was behind the industry research that comes along with entering a new market. He and LaKisha were able to successfully research and teach themselves all the proper techniques for entrance into bedside healthcare and then pass that knowledge on to their employees.

While their healthcare business continued to grow, a surprising business began in their own home. LaKisha has begun to experiment with selling her grandmother’s delicious red velvet cake and their demand had started to outgrow the house. So they opened up a shop called Bakers Blvd. Once again diving into this new industry, the couple taught themselves the best way to produce, manage costs and grow their bakery into a well known establishment. Bakers Blvd. became large enough to attract a partnership from the biggest name in Ohio, Lebron James through the Lebron James Family Foundation. Bakers Blvd. created a cherry cola cupcake that, when sold, split the proceed between their establishment and the LJFF.

Jason has been able to navigate all barriers to entry within the industry’s him and his wife have succeeded in. Stay tuned in to his blog page where he may be able to help you succeed in a new venture.

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