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We are back with Part Two of “How to Make Actionable Goals Out of Amorphous, Feel-Good Quotes!” If you haven’t done so already, make sure to read Part One right here to get up to speed.


Deliverables are exact descriptions of what needs to be completed to achieve the objective. Here are three deliverables to complete to reach the aforementioned objective.

  • Choose twelve books to read this year.
  • Read one book each month.
  • Record three takeaways from each chapter of each book you read.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Creating specific tasks to complete each deliverable is vital to actually achieving this smart goal. Here is how I would write it out.

1) Choose twelve books to read this year.

A) Schedule one hour to research authors who write on leadership.
B) Research leadership authors and books for one hour.
C) Record the titles of the twelve books you are going to read and assign them, one to each month.

  • Book 1: ____________ Month: ____________
  • Book 2: ____________ Month: ____________
  • Book 3: ____________ Month: ____________
  • Book 4: ____________ Month: ____________
  • Book 5: ____________ Month: ____________
  • Book 6: ____________ Month: ____________
  • Book 7: ____________ Month: ____________
  • Book 8: ____________ Month: ____________
  • Book 9: ____________ Month: ____________
  • Book 10: ___________ Month: ____________
  • Book 11: ___________ Month: ___________
  • Book 12: ___________ Month: ____________

D) Buy all the books and a journal (or designate a folder on your computer’s hard drive) to record your takeaways.

2) Finish reading book one.

  • Record how many pages are in the book (i.e., 310) and divide that number by the number of days in the given month (i.e. 310 total pages/31 days=10 pages/day).
  • Schedule a time each day of the month to read the allotted number of pages you found in the step above.
  • Read the pages at a scheduled time each day.
  • Repeat these steps for each book.

3) Record three takeaways from each chapter of each book you read.

  • After you finish each chapter in each book, record three takeaway points from the chapter in the journal or in a document dedicated to this project.
  • After you have finished recording your three takeaways from each chapter of each book you decided to read, (1) write a reflective summary on your year of reading and (2) create one SMART goal from each book and restart this process!

Now that you have learned the process for making lofty quotes accessible and achievable, find other ideas that inspire and interest you. Make these into actionable deliverables and achieve them, too! Don’t forget to tweet us your thoughts and questions!