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Power words are more than persuasive. When used correctly, they can inspire others to jump into action. We’ve all been part of conversations where an intelligent individual is able to convince his audience on a particular point by connecting with them in a meaningful way. While you may have chalked this experience up to seasoned leadership skills and a tremendous vocabulary, anybody can begin utilizing this process when speaking with others.

It starts with emphasizing the right words during a conversation. Once you break down the process and understand how and why this works, you’ll find yourself engaging in more purposeful arguments all the time.


People having Conversation

Power Word 1: We

This small word has the potential to do so much. While the focus of a conversation can often center on the “I” or “you”, by replacing the former words with “we” you’re actively enlisting your audience in more a personal and relatable approach. The word “we” has tremendous power to connect people together. This is word is all about the team mindset.

Where to test it out: Why not try utilizing the word during your next team meeting? You’ll inspire your fellow co-workers to begin thinking collaboratively. This mindset can do wonders for efficiency and workplace satisfaction.

Power Word 2: Open

While you may not always agree with your opponent’s arguments, the best strategy in any conversation is to keep an open mind to new ideas. Even if the suggestions are far off, maintain a high level of respect and treat each conversation with the same degree of interest and fairness.

Try this diplomatic phrase: I’m open to exploring that idea.


Man Typing

Power Word 3: Thanks

What a simple way to express your gratitude at the beginning or the end of a conversation.

It can be hard to make time for others. By expressing this phrase at the start of a conversation, you’ll be acknowledging the importance of the meeting. Best of all, this form of gratitude is free. Keep your tone authentic and don’t shy away from this simple tip. Remember, setting a positive tone from the start can go a long way.  

Gratitude Challenge: Find a way to thank the next person you meet. Find a specific reason. A few suggestions?

  • Thanks for calling! Grabbing a coffee is a great idea.
  • Thanks for sending that report. How’ve you been?
  • Thank you for this opportunity. I’m very excited to learn more about your company.


Power Word 4: Will

This word looks to the future and extends your conversation in a clear way. Will you send me more information? I will look into that option. It can be a great way to break through a tough conversation with a client or teammate. This word is a great way to begin thinking and working together as a team.

Power Word 5: Yes

As Richard Branson has stated: “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes. Then learn how to do it later.”

Yes can be a powerful word to add to your life’s philosophy. Those who agree to more decisions often find themselves whirling through new worlds where they meet great connections and opportunities along the way. While it may be important to keep a balanced life and to learn how to say ‘no’, try and find ways to incorporate ‘Yes’ in your vocabulary. Say yes to the small things. Say yes to the scary changes. Say yes to incorporate the right words in your language. You’ll be surprised at the positive changes that follow.