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With the dawn of the internet came new channels to connect people who would have never have met otherwise. Because of this, companies have been able to find potential hires unlike ever before, and the same can be said about potential hires finding companies they would have never heard of otherwise.

So, are you looking for a new hire? Are you looking for a new or side job? Use one of these three major job recruiting platforms to help you find your perfect fit.

1) Indeed

Indeed is a recruiting website, mobile website, and app that serves, “over 200 million unique visitors per month… in more than 60 countries and 28 languages, covering 94% of global GDP.”  The website is not only a job posting and searching website for active employers and potential hires, it is also a curator of job postings from across the internet.  Their claim to fame is that if someone can find a job elsewhere online, they can also find it on Indeed, making themselves the one-stop-shop for all of the world’s employers and job applicants.  Indeed goes on to say that “Since 2004, Indeed has given job seekers free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards. As the leading pay-for-performance recruitment advertising network, Indeed drives millions of targeted applicants to jobs in every field and is the most cost-effective source of candidates for thousands of companies.”

2) ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter shares first and foremost that they’re, “helping people find great jobs and helping employers build great companies.”  The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Time, TechCrunch, and CBS have all shared ZipRecruiter to their global audiences.  With this renown identity has come a large influx of users and subscribers.  ZipRecruiter goes on to share that they have, “over 7 million active job seekers each month,… over 40 million job alert email subscribers,… 1,000,000+ employers, [and]… 100+ job distribution partners. To top it all off, they have, “over 10,000 new companies subscribe every month.”

3) LinkedIn

Hosting an impressive 500+ million users, LinkedIn is a force to be reckoned with.  For those users currently searching for positions on LinkedIn Jobs, they will automatically be exposed to employers relevant to their job preferences from around the world. Employers looking for a robust database of potential hires who meet their specifics needs can sign up for Recruiter Lite–for employers who hire one to two new people per year–or Recruiter–for employers who hire three plus new people per year or continually search for fresh talent on a rolling basis.  This gets there job openings in front of the most refined LinkedIn candidates.  Job searchers and employers alike mutually benefit from LinkedIn’s algorithm by helping job seekers find empowering jobs and employers find eager employees.

Are you an employer? Are you an applicant? Regardless of who you are, you can’t go wrong with using one of these platforms today!